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Bible Study 

All Scripture is God breathed.  2 Timothy 3:16



9:45 AM each Sunday morning .  



            Bible study is special at ERBC and woven into all of our activities. Our Sunday school offers classes for all ages.   


            Some of our adult Sunday school classes study from the ”Disciples Path THE JOURNEY, ” curriculum.  It is an in-depth, easy to understand study series built to lead groups through major biblical themes and truths for consistent, ongoing Bible study.  Some of our adult Sunday school classes study from “Explore the Bible” which is an in-depth study by Bible book.  These studies give us the opportunity to consider our own life story and to ask the question, How has faith transformed my life? 

The teaching approach is different in each class.  We invite you to visit our classes to find your learning style.  Adult classes have mixed ages, singles, and couples (unless specified). 

Our Youth Department uses “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum.  This study develops students based on a discipleship framework that helps them know Christ, become contributing servants in the community of faith, and engage their culture. 

Our Children’s Department uses “The Gospel Project”.  This Bible study shows how Christ fits into the entire gospel story, pre-creation to eternity.  As the study progresses, the students will find out how they fit into God’s plan.  No matter when your children begin this study they won’t miss a thing. 

Our Nursery and Pre-School Department uses “The Gospel Project for Kids”.  This is a Christ-centered Bible study that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events, from Genesis to Revelation.  Each week, these stories come to life through video, music, activities, and more as kids connect biblical events to God’s ultimate plan of redemption through Christ. 


Sunday School Classes and Teachers 


            Victory Adult Class – Teacher, Fred Kelley  


Reel Adult Class – Teacher, Kent Snead 

oward Saas 



            Friends Adult Class – Teachers, April Church 


            For Ladies Only Adult Class (18 and up) – Debbie Saul 


            NexGen – (18-30) – Teachers,  Annalisa Roughton 


Youth – Grades 6-12 – Teachers, Robert Gibbs   


Children – Grades 3-5 – Teacher, Rhonda Hilbert 


Children – Grades 1-2 – Teacher, Sue Shelton 


Children – Teacher Substitute – Kathlene Delahunt 


Children’s Coordinator – Jane Bliss 


Pre-school Director – Stephanie MacKenzie 


Pre-School (Ages 3 and 4, and grade K) – Lead Teacher, Jessica Sykes 


Nursery – birth through age 2 – Lead Teacher, Jessica Sykes 


Sunday School Director –  April Church 


Sunday School Secretary – 


            Welcome Class,  a class is offered to those interested in membership at ERBC and for all new members to ERBC.  The teacher is Pastor Richard.  This class is offered several times a year and is taught in 5 sessions during the Sunday school hour. 

            The Welcome Class helps you understand what it means to be a new Christian and/or a new church member.  You will also learn the purpose and functions of your church.  Another important and uplifting purpose of this class is to understand spiritual gifts and how your gifts may be used to find your place of service in your church. 


            Believers Survival Course, a sequel to the Welcome Class, is a self-paced, individual study given to each new believer to help them survive and grow in their new relationship with Jesus Christ. 

            This study will increase your strength to stand against the temptations and distractions of this world.  The bonus for you will be a sweeter fellowship with your heavenly Father and fellow Christians.  You will gain knowledge that brings joy in spiritual growth, serving in His will, and sharing your story of faith. 



            Our SUNDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY varies from Bible book studies to Bible subject studies.  Currently we are studying the Old Testament Bible book of Isaiah.  Our teacher/facilitator is Pastor Richard. 


            Sunday Night Bible Study has been expanded to include A Men’s Study,” Change My Attitude Before It’s to Late”



            A Ladies Study ”The Bible Book of JOB”



            A Student Study, “The Flood” based on Bible scriptures that  

 discuss everyday topics that affect everyone.    



            A Children’s Study, “The Jesus Storybook Bible”